Saving Our Trees

Our full menu can now be opened as a PDF file so we can help save some trees, whenever possible.


Earth Friendly Disposables

We make sure that every event of ours is not only a Savory one, but a green one as well. All of our catering orders are provided with plates, cups, bowls, utensils and napkins that are made from recycled materials, made from plants instead of oil and are biodegradable.


A Brighter Idea

We have switched from incandescent light bulbs to energy efficient bulbs throughout our Savory home office and kitchen.


Earth Friendly Cleaning Agents

We keep things green back at our Savory home too. We use dish soaps, sanitizers and cleaning agents that are fully biodegradable and non-toxic to the environment to clean up after every event.



Whether we’re on the job or back at our offices, we go out of our way, if necessary, to recycle anything that we can.

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