COVID-19: What we are doing to ensure customer safety
Our first priority in providing our customers with excellent food and service is their SAFETY. While safe food handling, preparation and delivery has always been our priority, COVID-19 dictates that we take additional safety steps so our customers can feel secure in returning to an enjoyment of the excellent food and service we provide. 

We have created a COVID-19 menu that reflects the need for distancing. Hot food “buffets” will now be delivered as individual meals in hot food containers. We will continue to offer our excellent individual  box lunches and salads, and will offer our buffets WITH servers, as social distancing allows. 



  • All employees will be temperature tested upon arrival for work. Any employees with abnormal results will be sent home and cannot return until proven virus free.

  • All employees must first wash and sanitize hands upon arrival at work.

  • All employees will be required to wear masks and gloves while at our facility and while preparing food set-up and delivery.

  • All surfaces, equipment, containers and vessels that come in contact in the handling, preparation and delivery of food will be cleaned and sanitized after each use or contact.

  • Delivery vehicles will be sanitized after each use.

  • All uniforms and clothing worn by employees must be washed after each daily use.